Thursday, August 20, 2009


The PowerPoint I chose to upload to Slide Share is ‘Conflicts in the Home” which I created for a group assessment piece (Professional Knowledge and Practice). I have never used PowerPoint in the classroom so I didn’t have any example of them that I used within the classroom. I was asked to make a narration for the PowerPoint and upload that to Slide Share but as I do not have a microphone I wasn’t able to do so. As I looked around the website I found it very hard to understand how I would incorporate the narration onto the PowerPoint. So in addition to not having the resources I was also finding it very difficult to understand how to do this.

What is Slide Share?

Smith (2008) states that Slide Share is a free media sharing website where you can upload and share your PowerPoint files with others. It also has similar features to YouTube in that it has an embedded player so you can post your presentations on your Blog or Web page (Smith, 2008). Slide Share also uses a tagging system and collaborates this with favourites so you can find the presentations you like easier (Smith, 2008). It can also be used by individuals or organizations to share their ideas and connect with others and generate leads for their businesses (Slide Share, 2009).

Using Slide Share in the Classroom & Theory

I found it very hard to grasp the concept of using this technology in the classroom as I think it would be much easier just to use PowerPoint. Also I find PowerPoint easier to navigate my way around so my opinion maybe biased because I haven’t used Slide Share before and I was finding it very difficult. When looking around the Slide Share website I recognised that it can be used by teachers to enhance the concept they are teaching or it can be used by students to create their own presentation and make them accessible to other users. As a result slide share can be analysed by the Learning Design Framework (2003) as it can be used by teachers as a resource (learning resource) to support learners in construction of a specific task but it can also be created by students as a project (learning task).

It also came to my attention that allowing students to use Slide Share to upload their presentation or to find a presentation they like should come with some restrictions or guidance by a teacher. This is because it can contain inappropriate material like many other websites on the internet.

I think this technology could be really effective if you as a teacher know how to use it well. As I was not confident in using Slide Share I would probably not use it within the classroom until I fully understood how and why I could use it to engage the learners and create a meaningful learning experience. So I think I will be sticking to PowerPoint by itself for now.


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