Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quizzes - Class Maker

I found it very easy to navigate my way around the website when I created my “Class Marker’ quiz. It was very user friendly in making the quiz as well. I did not finish my quiz, only just started it. It’s called “Natural Disasters” and it can be used before you starting teaching the students (prior knowledge) or it can be used after (what students have learnt). It is only the start of the quiz. I would like to add many more questions and also other features.

Class Marker is an online testing website that is professional, easy to use online and that marks your tests and quizzes for you (Class Marker, 2009). These quizzes can be used for many different purposes including: business and training, education, recruitment, distance learning and self study (Class Marker, 2009). Signing up to Class Marker is free or you can pay a fee depending on how you want to use your online test. Class based testing (free) is what I used and this would allow my students to register under my account and log in to complete the test (Class Marker, 2009).

When creating a test you are given many different options. I found this a little overwhelming at first but it is still easy to use. You can choose different types of questions to use for example: multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, free text or punctuation (Class Marker, 2009). The aspect I really found interesting in Class Marker was that you can add pictures and videos to the questions. I thought this would be a good way to provide students with a fun and engaging quiz.

Traditional quizzes and tests are still being used in classrooms today however they have been found to be time consuming. This is why online quizzing is becoming more popular. Dunn (2006) states that Web based quizzing may allow teachers to incorporate the benefits of quizzing without sacrificing valuable class time. An online quiz also provides students with immediate feedback which allows them to reflect on where they went wrong.

Teachers should also be aware that many students may open up another web page and research the answers when attempting to complete their online quiz. A good way to stop this happening (available on Class Marker) is to place a time restriction on the test or quiz. Growing up I did not enjoy quizzes or tests as they did not maintain my interest but incorporating online quizzes into the classroom (when used in the right way) can provide students with an engaging and fun way to learn. I would definitely use online quizzes in the classroom.

The Learning Design Framework (2003) need three key elements to create the most effective learning experience for students. These three elements are tasks learners are required to do, resources that support the learner and support mechanisms that exist from the teacher (Oliver, 1999). Online quizzes provide students with all of these aspects.


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