Thursday, August 20, 2009

File Storage

File storage is a method of storing and organizing computer files and the data they contain to make it easier to access them (Wikipedia, 2009). Media Fire is a one of the most popular online file storage service which can be used for personal and business purposes (MakeUseOf, 2009). There are no restrictions on the storage space or the number of files you can upload. You can also embed photos and link files from your blog or social networking profiles (MakeUseOf, 2009).

Creating my Media Fire account was really easy and navigating around the website is really straightforward as well. This would benefit teachers and students trying to store files on the internet. The file I uploaded to Media Fire was PowerPoint presentation that I created for a Health and Fitness presentation for university called “Drug Awareness”. I stored this presentation to Media Fire as it was a very engaging presentation that I would like to use it later on. Having the ability to readily access it off the internet through Media Fire really makes it easier. Another aspect of Media Fire that I found really interesting was that you can store your files and then send them to friends, family or even colleges who can in turn easily access them.
Media Fire Link "Drug Awareness" -

Students and teachers can use this resource to store and easily access important information. It is also possible that if students have created a large assessment they could upload it to media fire and teachers can access it through the URL given to them. The files stored in Media Fire can also be embedded into many other Web resources such as Blogs and Wiki’s. Using this program to store educational files that could later be used within the classroom can therefore be underpinned by the Learning Design Framework (2003) in which it would be used as a resource in helping students construct specific tasks. It could also be used by teachers to provide students with some support material (learning supports).

I found this technology to be very effective and easy to navigate so I will definitely be using Media Fire to store all of my files just in case something happens to my computer.


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